Angular Reactive Forms (By Nrwl)

Learn how to create and compose great Angular Form Component in this exhaustive course.

In this premium course, you'll find a comprehensive lesson plan about Angular Reactive Forms, created by Zack DeRose with contributions from the full Nrwl engineering team, including some of the leading experts and contributors in the Angular community. We hope you enjoy this course!

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Course Curriculum

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Zack DeRose
Zack DeRose

Zack DeRose is an Architect for Nx, where he works to build a better world through tech! Zack is focused on Reactive Programming, Developer Efficiency and Group Dynamics, and preserving simplicity for projects at scale. At Nx, Zack focuses on web development, using Angular, Node, and Nx. When not building web applications at scale, Zack enjoys a robust family life at scale, living in Phoenix AZ with his wife and 6 kids.


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